Looking for Knitter's Gadget Kit

I just got my [U]Knitter’s Magazine Summer 2007[/U] (K87) last week.

I was so happy to see the [B]Knitter’s Gadget Kit[/B] on page 24. (Online Tips, by Anne Claxon) I have been looking all over my home town for such a container without success (perhaps because I’m in Canada).

Unfortunately Anne does not include a buyer’s guide for the green case :pout:.

I have tried a Google search to no avail. Any help is welcome!


What’s in the kit? Was it something to purchase or an idea for what to include in your own gadget kit?

The article shows Anne’s green case (it’s the case I am looking for) and includes her inventory.

The green case measures 2.5" x 4". It is made of transluscent green plastic that folds in half (the hinge is on the short side) and clicks shut. There is one compartment on the bottom, while that top has five.

As it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words…
see the attached pictures.

Thanks for looking! :knitting:

I read that article. It describes everything inside. I’m thinking the case is similar to some fishing tackle boxes. Try that or housewares in your local big box type stores.

I’ve looked in sporting goods and have found small boxes w/ different compartments in them that are that small.

Our hobby lobby has boxes like that in several different sizes and shapes. Maybe your local craft store will too. :slight_smile:

try the beading section of your local craft shop, also, the sewing section might have a good choice as well.

Another option might be office/school supplies.

Thanks for your ideas!

I got a response from [I]Knitter’s Magazine[/I]. It was purchased at [B]The Container Store[/B] and is called a double-sided pill box (you can click to see). Right now they are back ordered on their on-line store.

I am attached to the shape of this box (I know, it sounds funny) - I’ll have to see if I can find one closer to home.
Thanks again!

does that magazine have a web site? I’d love to learn more about the mag (and that article specifically) but I’ve never seen it here in the UK - wondering if I can back order a copy!

That’s so funny, that is the first place I thought of but I figured they didn’t have that many stores. I forgot they were online :doh:

Ohhh… now I want one too! Is the article online? I’d like to know what she has in her kit.


Funny, I never thought about buying a container to hold my knitting notions. I always use the makeup bags I get at the makeup counters in the department stores.


Here is what she has in her kit: (Enjoy :hug:)