Looking for knitted carpet pattern

I’m looking for a pattern I saw in a book some time ago.
It is a carpet for at a door, it was a farm scene, knitted with a thick yarn.
Can someone help?

Well dang! I have a book at home that has a rug in it. It’s blue and has a diamond design. Of course I’m not at home right now and can’t for the life of me remember the bloody name of the book. :verysad:

Anywhooo … check out http://leisurearts.com/crafts_needlework/ and keyword search rugs. Maybe one of those books will help jog your memory. :wink:

There is a felted one in one of my books - I think it’s Felted Knits, but it could be Knit One, Felt Two. I’m not home, otherwise I would check. Here are links to both. The rug was black and red, I do remember that.

Can knit or crochet strips of fabric for rugs as well. Even coordinate the rug fabric to go with curtain, pillow, etc.

Have you looked through THESE?

Thanks Everyone,
I will have a look at all the suggestions!

LOL, I was about to give the same suggestion that KK did… :wink: I LOVE that site & always go there 1st