Looking For Free Bernat Crochet Bears Pattern

At one time on the Bernat web site there was a free pattern for a crocheted 9" Teddy Bear shown in Pink and Blue. The yarn used was Baby Coordinates. I’d saved this pattern on the site’s My Stuff section but now that I want to make the bears the pattern is nolonger downloadable. Does anyone have this pattern and is willing to email me a copy? Thanks in advance to all replies.

Is this it? I used the search free patterns feature and put in bears.

Thanks for the help, but that’s not it.

Huh. It’s a 9" blue crocheted bear I thought for sure that was it. Did you contact them?

When I clicked on the url you provided it came up with a hot pink bear made with cottontots yarn. I haven’t contacted Bernat. Figured that if the download was nolonger available it was a lost cause with them.

Aha! I think this is it, but it’s in a pamphlet now.

It’s 99 cents and you can buy it here.

The two patterns look nearly identical to me though so I’m sure you could use any yarn you want with the free pattern.

Yep, that’s it. Thank you so much. I’m off to order it now.:yay: