Looking for discontinued Alpaca wool

In Canada-
Help finding wool - My wife is knitting me an alpaca wool sweater and has run out of wool. I am hoping that someone might know where I can locate two skeins. It is a discontinued camo type color. I know that there are other colours available but would like for here to continue with the camo. There are other colours in the pattern that she will use as a last resort.
She is using:
Diamond Luxury Collection, Baby Alpaca Hand Paint, 100g/100metres, colour 518.
All help is welcome. An email to heddwas@live.com would be appreciated. It is beautiful looking sweater and is so close to being completed.

It looks like lovely yarn.
I don’t see that color in the stashes (on the right).
You’ve tried Google?

Thank you for responding. Yes I did Google it and contacted Diamond Yarn direct. They do not have any in stock. I have contacted several companies that deal with Diamond and have not been able to locate any. I was hoping this blog would provide some help. One skein may do the job but two would for sure.


Someone may yet see the request and respond. You might also try other knitting forums. I wish you luck. The sweater sounds very nice.