Looking for circular sock needle recommendations

Hi: I going to start making mittens and socks using the magic loop method and so am looking for recommendations of small sized circular needles, e.g. 2mm - 3 mm. I prefer laminated birch circular needles from knitpicks, but they don’t sell them that small. Does anyone know of good quality small sized circulars I can buy?

Thanks in advance!

I love my Knitter’s Pride needles for socks! Handsome Fibers is having 20% off today. I need to order some for myself. Thanks for asking and reminding me that I need them. I think I’ll get some of the Dreamz, so far I’ve only had the metal ones. I see that they come in 47" length which is nice when I double the stitch count for the heel on my toe ups!


Thanks GrumpyGramma, I appreciate the recommendation and the link. I will definitely check them out!

You’re welcome. They have free shipping in the US always and that’s nice! The site is busy today - gee, I wonder why! - and slow so it’s taking me a while to spend my money. lol

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I’m not sure what 2-3 mm is without looking it up, but I’ve used Hiya Hiya for socks and my go to needles for anything over a US 3 are my Knittter’s Pride or Knit Picks needles.

Hi Jan:
Thank you! I believe 2-3 mm corresponds with a U.S. size 0-2, I should have posted this, my apologies. Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely look them up!

My needle gauge tells me that 2 mm = US0 and 3 mm = US2 1/2. I ordered Dreamz in sz 1 and 1 1/2 and Nova Platina in 0.

Don’t worry about it. Most of the world knows the metric system. :slight_smile: I wasn’t on my computer so couldn’t easily look it up is all. :slight_smile:

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If I could carry that info in my head, I probably wouldn’t anyhow. My needle gauge is hanging on a magnet on the metal lamp next to my chair. I read needle sizes in mm and have to grab my gauge to find out what size they are. I think Einstein is reputed to have said he didn’t remember things he could look up.

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