Looking for Christmas stocking pattern. Help?

I want to make a fancy christmas stocking for my husband, myself and some other family members as time permits. I have a couple of problems.

1: I want to get started today so the supplies will have to able to be purchased as Walmart or Michael’s
2: I don’t have a ton of money at my disposal.

COlor work/intarsia is ok! I’m up for the challenge. I’ve done small projects with it before.

As for the yarn, is something acrylic like caron so soft acceptable for a project like that or do you need to go cotton or wool on stuff like stockings? You’re not going to wear the things but I imagine you want something that holds a shape.

Any tips, patterns, etc would be appreciated


As long as the gauge is similar any yarn will probably be fine. Here’s a few. If you’re on Ravelry the pictures of these socks are better than the ones on the pattern.



That first one looks nice but reading over the instructions, it seems rather complicated with some two color cast on and some strange “plaiting” that kinda has me “iffy”. Plus, you can’t knit a name into it. I poked Ravely but the best ones are all on sale for 6 bucks a pop and they get sent to you in the mail, not downloaded which really really stinks. I wonder why there is such a lack of patterns for this. I even looked for that stocking book (19 patterns for stockings) or whatever it is that’s in the shape of a sock but of course Michael’s didn’t have it. They hardly ever have what I’m looking for.

daannnnng it. Now I have yarn and I’m just sitting here all antsy because I don’t know what pattern to use/what to make