Looking for child size unfelted beret

pattern, for about a one year old. I’m thinking it would be something like a band, then a rapid increase, then rapid decrease. I found a couple beret patterns discussed here before, but they were both adult size and felted. It doens’t even have to be a “true” beret style, just something similar.

Oooh, I may have answered my own question! LOL

I checked KPC of course, and the two berets there, while cute were a bit more than what I wanted. However, I did find a doll size pattern…


I’m wanting to do it in Caron’s Jewel Box, and the gauge on that is about 3.5 st per inch on size 9s…I wonder if that will be enough of an increase in gauge to fit a baby, since it doesn’t say what size doll it’s supposed to fit or any measurements otherwise. Otherwise it looks like it is done in multiples of 6, I could increase it that way as well as needed, correct (Ingrid?)?

I really would have preferred something in the round, could it be done that way? It looks like the even rows are the WS rows, so instead of purl, just knit instead?

Traditional Beret
Materials: worsted weight yarn
size 4 needles or size to give gauge of:
4 1/2 sts. = 1", 7 rows = 1"
inc. = increase
dec. = decrease
k2tog. = knit 2 stitches together
p2tog. = purl 2 stitches together

Beginning at ribbed edge, cast on 48 sts.
Row 1: K2, p1, repeat from * to * across row.
Row 2: K1, p2, repeat from * to * across row.
Row 3: Repeat row 1.
Row 4: Repeat row 2.
Row 5: (Increase row) Knitting, (increase 1, k6, inc. 1)6 times, turn.
Row 6: Purl all 60 sts.
Row 7: (Increase row) (K4, inc.1, inc.1, k4)6 times.
Row 8: Purl all 72 sts.
Row 9: (Increase row) Knitting, (inc.1, k10, inc.1)6 times.
Row 10: Purl all 84 sts.
Row 11: (Increase row) (K6, inc.1, inc.1, k6)6 times.
Row 12 - 14: Continue working in stockinette stitch on the 96 sts. (purl even rows, knit odd rows)
Row 15: (Decrease row) Knitting, (k2tog., k12, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 16: Purl all 84 sts.
Row 17: (Decrease row) (K5, k2tog., k2tog., k5)6 times.
Row 18: Purl all 72 sts.
Row 19: (Decrease row) Knitting, (k2tog., k8, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 20: Purl all 60 sts.
Row 21: (Decrease row) (K3, k2tog., k2tog., k3)6 times.
Row 22: Purl all 48 sts.
Row 23: (Decrease row) Knitting, (k2tog., k4, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 24: Purl all 36 sts.
Row 25: (Decrease row) (K2tog., k2, k2tog.)6 times.
Row 26: Purl all 24 sts.
Row 27: (Decrease row and last row) (K2tog.)12 times.

Try this one…
She has a nifty calculating program built into her pattern pages to size things just right for whatever gauge you’re knitting, that gives you number of cast-on and all… pretty darn slick.
She has a page for the beret you’re looking for, as well as a nifty ‘newsboy’ hat.

Oh that’s mahvelous…I bet my kids would like the “jester” hats too (the beret is for a friend’s little girl)! Off to play around with the hat generator! Thanks much!