Looking for Cascade Ultra Pima

I am almost done with a project and I fear I am going to run out of yarn and my LYS is sold out. I am looking for Cascade Ultra Pima in color 3762 (green) and I have lot #2J3663. I think a partial skein will work as the directions for the project called for 4 hanks and that is what I bought. I checked Ravelry but did not see any for sale.

Oh no. I hate running out of yarn! I don’t have that or you surely could have it.

It looks like Jimmy Beans has it. You could ask about dye lot since they are very helpful.

If you can’t match dye lots you can work two rows with one dye lot, two rows with the second until the original runs out.

Thank you. I had also found it on Webs and sent e-mails to both customer service depts. I just noticed those were pinged back to my spam so I guess will call today. I didn’t think they would be agreeable to helping me find my dye lot.

I’ve made a similar request to Webs and they found the dye lot for me. They are always very pleasant and helpful on the phone. They’ll certainly give it a try.

It’s in their best interest to help you if they can. :thumbsup: They may not be able to help, but it’s worth a try.

And if an email you want goes into spam most email programs allow you to click a button that says ‘not spam’ and it takes it out of there and adds it to your inbox. Always check the spam for wayward emails.