Looking for buying help!

Hello, I’m new to knitting and have just started arm knitting but the wool i brought is very pricey!! does anyone know where I can buy very very chunky wool for arm knitting? Any help I would be very great full for :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH!
I’ve seen multiple strands of super bulky used for arm knitting but I imagine that might get expensive, too, depending on what you’re knitting.
Here are some yarn suggestions which are available at craft stores and perhaps more reasonably priced.


Thank you for your reply I appreciate it but these are all American and I’m English I don’t suppose you have an sites for the uk?

Have you tried local craft stores or their online sites?
Here’s Amozon UK

and World of Wool

I suspect Deramores sells super bulky and It’s worth checking them out and their sale bins.

Thank you so much I have purchased some from one of your suggestions :grimacing::slight_smile: I’m super excited for it to be delivered! I’m so new to knitting you’ve really helped me so thanks!!!

Good luck with the projects! We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

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What’s on your arm (or similar) makes a really cool blanket, but wow on the price when it’s added up.

I know I i brought 500g for £25 :dizzy_face: So pricey but the blanket it makes is so beautiful :heart_eyes: Luckily someone helped me and I found some a bit cheaper the wool is stunning so soft and heavy!

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That worked out beautifully! Your arm knit sts are so pretty and even .

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Oh Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I’m very pleased! But then I found out that you are supposed to felt the yarn first? To strengthen it? It’s so confusing lol I’m trying to research everything I need to know!!!

So this has happened within a few days!? I think it’s because I didn’t felt the wool? If I undo it and felt it would it be ok or is it too late?