Looking for barbie pattens

I’m looking for tons of barbie pattens. A good site that’s free. :muah: Thanks so much.


You might see if you can find these books at the library, too.
Knits for Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll and Me

What I used to do for my Barbies was make tubes for dresses, squares sewn together for little ponchos and just make up a lot of other cool things.

Thank you. I’m looking for one that has a peacock in the home page.

Oh boy…well, that’s pretty specific and I haven’t come across one like that. Here’s a ton more patterns though so it may be in one of these.

Also found this-

I’m hoping someone has. The website has a blue background. and it has barbie fantasy outfits and ken stuff.

I found it. Thanks.