Looking for baby blanket pattern

i am looking for simple baby blanket pattern for my friend who is expecting.i have gone thru so much patterns but…i couldn’t decide on anything.i want this blanket to be special…so if u can…plz help with this…


There are a bunch here to choose from.

Or check out the Sticky Post at the top of the Pattern Central Forum. There are bunch of links there too :wink:

I recently found out I’m expecting (YAY :happydance: ) and I’ve decided to knit this throw as a baby blanket in different colors. I’m thinking I’ll use a thinner yarn and smaller needles to get a good gauge. And instead of throwing in a lot of colors, I’m thinking about doing a checkerboard style (I’m absolutely convinced it’ll be a girl, so I’m going with white and pink. And if I’m wrong, I have plenty of prego friends…one of em is bound to be carrying a little lady.) But I’m sure if you don’t know if it’s a boy or girl you could make it neutral with some different colors. It calls for 6, so maybe white, pink, blue, green, yellow, and one of those white yarns that has colors mixed in.

Anyway, I’m so excited to start, because this looks like such a fun pattern to do! Hope that helps :wink:

:cheering: :cheering: Congratulations! :cheering: :cheering:

That’s GREAT news, Bek!! Congrats!

Congrats Bec!

Here is the one I am going to make for my friend:


I just bought the yarn today at Wal-fart and it is so nice and squishy I can’t wait to cast on!

I love this pattern…not your standard baby blanket. :smiley:

That IS cute!

Oooooooh, I LOVE that! Hmm, I’m thinking I’ll have to make 2 baby blankets now! :XX:

I wonder though, what do they mean by:

“Next round, make 1 stitch in each stitch (10 stitches).”

What kind of increase do you do there? And does Amy have a video for that? Or is it just any increase you want? I’m not much good at increases :frowning:

Oh, and thanks everybody! I started the checkerboard blanket last night, but I think I messed up the second square (I was watching Law & Order…LOVE that show…and got slightly distracted). But it’s hardly noticeable. Still, the OCD in me is saying “Frog it! Frog it! Just Frog it!!!” Ahh, who knows. Although I’d hate to think that I knitted til my right ring finger was seriously numb for nothing! (BTW, 12 hours later, that finger’s still numb…is that normal???)

For your increase, you could either do a M1 stitch or knit twice into the stitches. Since the rest of your increases are yo’s, and you’re working with such a small number of stitches, I probably would just knit two in each one.

:thinking: Okay. Well I found Amy’s video to M1 (which, btw, made me sit back and let out a huge DUH!!!), so that looks easy enough. But how do you knit two into a stitch? I couldn’t find a video for that. Or maybe I was just blind :??

It’s not hard. Just knit like normal, but don’t slide it off. Then knit into the same stitch again and slide the whole thing off. You’ll have two stitches on your needle where there was one. Magic!

So does that mean that you basically do a yarnover inside the knit? Because wouldn’t that make the same outcome? (As I’m typing this, I’m doing the hand motions to make sure I’m seeing this straight :wink: )

No. They don’t want you to do a yo on this beginning row. I think it will work best if you try it. Knit into the stitch, don’t slide it off, knit into it again, slide off.