Looking for an easy worsted weight tube sock pattern.

I am a beginning knitter with a bunch of med worsted weight yarn. I would like to make tube socks, but most patterns that I find use sock weight, fingering weight yarn, or they have written instructions for heels that I am not quite ready to conquer. I have a size 8 circular 9 inch needle that I would like to try out.

Anyone have a pattern suggestion?



There are some tube sock patterns on Ravelry but they all seem to use size 5 needles. You could try a swatch with your needles however to see if you get the pattern gauge.
There are some very nice sock tutorials online when you’re ready to try heels.

I found the same results as salmonmac. Most socks are made from fingering weight, but they do have slipper sock patterns. Even those often use smaller needles though to make the fabric denser so they last longer and are more comfortable.

Just out of curiosity what size are your circular needles? I mean how long is the cable (measured needle tip to needle tip).