Looking for an easy summer pullover pattern

I would like to try and make myself a short sleeved summer pullover (possibly using Cascade “Avalon” yarn).
I have found several patterns, but none that quite meet my expectations. I’m interested in a crew neck, the ones I’ve found appear to have either a v-neck or boat neck. Also, I’m really short but am also…I believe “fluffy” is the kind way of putting it…so I would like something that fits loose, not fitted.
I see plenty of long sleeved pullover patterns that I like, but with this being my first attempt, I have no clue as to how I could figure out how to make them short sleeved.
Anyone have any simple patterns for a “sweater newbie”?
Thanks so much for any help!!

If you can find a pattern you like, we could probably help you with modifying the sleeves to be shorter.

I found a bunch of them by searching “short sleeved sweater knitting pattern” on google. There are some you can get for free, others you have to purchase.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can find some patterns I like and see what you guys think about possibly being able to adjust them.

Like this? My first sweater was by Knitting Pure and Simple and it was well written and easy. You might look at the other patterns, too.


Yes!!! That’s what I was thinking of. I’ll have to order it. It says it is using a sport or dk weight - do I just need to use needles that will get me the same gauge?

Thank you!

I see she has another one that’s a henley - how difficult are buttonholes?

That would probably work, but when you change yarn weight in a pattern there can be other issues sometimes…like armholes, etc. I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t the gauge you wanted. Many of their patterns are for worsted.

Button holes aren’t hard. The patterns I have were well written so that helps along with us and the internet. :wink:

I ordered the henley pattern and Cascade Avalon yarn (in Turkish blue) for the pullover. Can’t wait for the stuff to get here!!! I’m sure I’ll have tons of questions, so stay tuned.

I’m back. I got a late start on this project (darn things like work and life in general just seemed to interfere with the whole thing, lol!) and now I’ve got questions. I’m making the Knitting Pure and Simple Henley Tshirt #9727 in size XL. I haven’t gotten to the part where I divide for the sleeves yet, but it appears that the upper part of the Tshirt is going to be rather long for me. See, I need the circumference of an XL but I’m only 5 feet tall. I originally thought I’d just make the whole thing shorter, as the pattern says to “knit…until work is 1 1/2 inches less than desired length”. However, I didn’t stop to think that the top portion might need adjusting. (The blind faith of a newbie, right?) All I thought was that the circumference needed to be the right size, and length needed to be the right size. Anyway, to get the size I need it says to work the “yoke” until I have 99 stitches between the two stitch markers that mark the back. I’m at 83 now, so with the increases only coming every other row it’s going to add some length until I get there. Does anyone know if there’s an easy way to modify this so my neckline and arm holes don’t end up around my waist? I have emailed the KP&S site to ask for their advice, but not sure how good they are about responding to emails.



Good that you’ve gotten back to this very nice pattern.
You could increase every row instead of every other. If that isn’t going to decrease quickly enough, you might have to take out a row or so and start increasing every row at an earlier row. I’ve worked patterns that do that for raglans.
You can also add some of the increases if necessary at the sides after the sleeves are on hold.
@Jan_in_Can is experienced with top down sweaters and she may also have some suggestions.

It appears this is going to be quite the learning experience for me. I have one sleeve and the collar/placket left to do, and it’s obvious I misread directions somewhere. If anyone is familiar with this pattern, maybe you could explain to me what I didn’t “get”. When working on the body, it says to knit 22 1/2 inches from the top of the shoulder or until desired length. Being short, I felt the 22 1/2 inches was long enough. When I added the first sleeve it was obvious that I had inadvertently made a belly shirt instead of a normal pullover.:confounded: Where exactly is the “top of the shoulder” that I should have been measuring from? It’s clear it’s not where I thought it was.

I am soldiering on and am going to finish it. I THINK I might be able to salvage the overall length, as the front and back have a garter stitch border that is a “split” hem. If I am very careful, is it possible to frog back to where I had the garter stitch starting, reattach the yarn to continue in stockinette, and then redo the hem(s) when I get more length? If not, I suppose I can frog the whole darned thing and start from scratch.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice/sympathy.

Sorry to hear about the problems. Some of my favorite sweaters had rocky starts.
The top of shoulder is the line from the base of the neck to the very upper end of the arm. Any further up on your torso and it’s just air.
Your plan sounds fine. You can probably pull out the garter rows and on the last row, insert the needle as you pull the yarn out of each stitch. You can use that yarn to start the stockinette extension and then add in a new end of yarn when it runs out.