Looking for an easy pattern for a headband

Just decided last minute that I’d like to knit a headband for a teenager. Does anyone have a good pattern that knits up quickly yet looks pretty for a 13 year old girl? Thanks!

You could do the headband I did using the chart here:
You have to know how to do fair isle, but I think the whole head band took somewhere around 2 or 3 hours. It looks like:

To make it:
Do a gauge swatch to find what gets you 17 sts = 4" in stockinette(something like worsted weight on size 7s). this is for a headband that’s 18.25" unstretched.

With one needle size smaller than above (using circs or dpns, whichever you prefer), CO 90 sts with color A. join in round and work garter stitch (purl one round, knit one round) for 6 rounds. Change to color B and work 1 round knit Begin chart at link above with colors A and B. You get 6 repeats with 96 sts.

After chart do one round in color B again and then change to color A and knit one round and do 5 more rounds in garter stitch (purl next round, knit next round, and so on). BO

That’s beautiful, but I think it is more than I can handle. I have never done fair isle… :frowning:

Headband in like an ear warmer/cover?


has a cabled headband.

Also I’m doing just the braided band from this


as a headband.

Also candicane did one like this


which is a variation of this