Looking for an easy earflap men's hat pattern

Ah, being a newbie I posted my message in the wrong area. Oops! Here is my oringinal message below…

Hello, I am so happy to be here! I am extremely new to knitting having just mastered the knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off. I hope to have this hobby/passion for the rest of my life.

The vidoes on this website are awesome and have helped me finally figure out what the books can’t show you in regards to purling. The thumb trick is great!

I have begun making a simple green knit scarf for my dogchild, Benjamin. Yes yes, perhaps I will be a crazy knitter who makes thinsg for her dog. Time will tell.

However, my hubby wants an earflap hat for Christmas. I have done some basic searches on the internet but what I have found seems extremely difficult, i.e. knitting with dpn like 3 or 4 at a time! or knitting on the round with dpn.

Does anyone know of a good free pattern on the ‘net or in a book I can check out of the library that is for a man’s earflap hat that is just made on plain ol’ regular knitting needles?

Thanks in advance for the replies!


I don’t know of an earflap hat that uses 2 straight needles, u may want to practice on something like this to get started. BUT, I PROMISE you that once u experiment with knitting with circular needles (16 in. for hats) that u will love it :wink: Amy has great videos on here about knitting in the round.
Meanwhile, u can look @ a bunch of hat patterns @ www.knittingpatterncentral.com I will look around & let u know if I run across what u r looking for :wink:

Vicki Square’s book Folk Hats has a pattern for the Deerstalker Hat, a flap style hat.


Good luck finding what you’re after!

thanks but for now i’m looking for a free pattern, i rarely order from the internet