Looking for an EASY 1st time sock pattern

Any suggestions??? I am ANXIOUS to try them out!

Thanks guys!

The easiest thing to do for a first sock is a tube sock. Tube socks don’t have shaped heels, which are the hardest part to knit on socks. Here are two tube sock patterns:

This one is on two needles: http://gailbable.tripod.com/id34.html

This one can be on either double pointed or circular needles: http://gailbable.tripod.com/id35.html

If you are up for the challenge of doing a sock, heel and all, here is a basic sock pattern which I’ve used: http://www.sweaterscapes.com/sockinst.htm

And here is a sock demo of a woman making socks with a lot of pictures that also helped me when I made my first socks: http://www.royea.net/sockdemo1.html

Good luck!

Silver’s Sock Class is the best ever! That’s how I learned to knit socks.

I recommend wiseneedle.com 's pattern for DK weight socks. They knit up fast! It’s my favorite pattern so far.

Thanks guys! I am going to look at these today and HOPEFULLY go to my LYS and get some sock yarn!! I will also post some pics of my shrug progress! Thanks again!!!

I second the suggestion for Silver Sock Tutorial. I just completed my first pair doing the tutorial and it was great!

Can I do this using circulars???

I did Silver’s Sock Tutorial using 2 circs instead of DPNs…you just have to dink with a few numbers. Personally I think it’s pretty straightforward – half of the stitches on each needle for starters, and you work the heel on half of the stitches so you don’t even have to move anythign around when you get to that part :smiley: …you just have to do a bit of shifting stitches around after you pick up the gusset stitches.

I am a TOTAL beginner lol, not sure if I want to mess with any numbers…this MAY be a dumb question, but I have only been knitting since Feb 2, WHAT is the point of DPN’S???

DP needle allow you to work in the round even if the circumference of the round knited piece is less than the 16 inch of most shortest circular needles…they are also used for I-cord which I love to do…some people get bored doing I-cord but I love the rhythm of doing them.

Plus the stitches go off of both ends, unlike regular needles. This is essential to knitting things in the round.

Thanks. I ended up getting some DPN’s today so I am very anxious to try it! My sock yarn is some beautiful hand dyed wonderfullness lol :teehee: