Looking for A tutu pattern

Hello everyone… I am looking for a ballerina tutu dress pattern for our little girl( expecting). If some one has it and kind enough to share provided it does not violate any rules I will be glad. Thank you.

Try ravely and search for tutu. I did that but not being sure what you want didn’t know what to eliminate. Most seem to be skirts but I’d think you could attach it to a top without too much difficulty.

I was able to find the top part. I would like to know where I could find the bottom ruffled part to sew and also how to sew them together.


Something like this… I need to know where to get the bottom part and how to sew it.

I know that picture! It’s usamacka’s Updated Tutu outfit…with all matching parts.

Yes it is… But where do I find the pattern?

USmacka said she got it from a knitting magazine.

Sew it? What do you mean? Since this is a knitting forum…can you knit? I don’t really recommend a tutu for a first project if you’re learning.

Here’s a knitted one. It’s knit with lace weight yarn on small needles.

I just checked out a pattern for a tutu that involved sewing the bottom part. But I found another one with knitting instructions. Here it goes. Now I just have to shop for the yarn and see some videos on how to knit the bottom yarn. Any suggestions on where to find the yarn for cheap? And this time for the bottom part. Here is the pattern,…

For the tutu part, you might try this scarf yarn, which when knitted (and stretched out) would create a nice frilly tutu.

Something like this.

Here’s a cute tutu pattern that is easy to make…I’ve made it for my own daughter.


something like this?

here’s a free pattern:

I have a free Frilly Skirt pattern in my blog (karlierobinson.com) for a skirt that’s half tutu, half pom-pom… at least that’s what it feels like in my hands when I’m handling it.

The pattern is sized for a child, but the techniques of adding the ruffle yarn could be adapted to a number of other patterns to give you the Tutu bottom you’re looking for.