Looking for a Tote Bag Pattern

Does any anyone have or know of a basic garter stitch tote bag pattern? Maybe I’m tired or I’m not looking in the right place, but I cannot find one on the internet.:shrug:

I want to make a garterlac tote bag with cotton/acrylic(or cotton) yarn to give to my niece on her birthday in November.

google booga bag you could make it in garter…maybe not its in the round…

You could do the booga bag, which is pretty easy to do. It’s in the round, like Doodknitwit said, which makes a stockinette stitch. However, if you purl all the way around instead of knit, won’t it come out in a garter stitch?

Or just knit a big ol’ rectangle in garter stitch and then just sew up the sides. When you bind off, leave a bunch of stitches on the end and knit that for a bit for the handle.

Will that work? Good luck!


how 'bout this?

http://www.scottymaloney.com/GarterStitchTote.html (for a barbie doll! What’ll they think of next?":sun:

try going to this web site it has a great list of free patterns.