Looking for a toddler jumper pattern

I’m looking for a fairly easy toddler girl’s jumper (dress) to knit. I’ve found one, but it is a pattern in a book that has nothing else in it that I like and I hate to buy the entire book for one pattern. Looking for something fairly plain.

I was just going to post the same thing. My little girl is 13 months and I saw the cutest knitted jumper on a girlabout that age in Germany, I knew I had to knit one too.

The only pattern I have found is in the little princess dress in one of the Yarn Girls books. It is not exactly what I’m looking for but similar. You can check it out on their website www.yarnco.com.

Let me know if you find something else.

Have you seen Anouk? Just google that and you will see a darling pinafore. I made it into a jumper.


these a bit bigger sizes.
several here,

Not free, but Jil Eaton’s Minnowknits and Minnowknits, Too has a bunch. Maybe you could find it in your library or for cheap on eBay.

I just started knitting after taking a 25 year break. I only finished scarves, blankets and simple sweaters in the past.
We now have 4 grand-daughters and just decided recently to try my hand again and if I say so myself I’m really happy with the results! The first thing I made was exactly what you are looking for. It really came out cute and was very simple to make, I decided to do it in a solid color which also made it easier for me at least. I found it here at Knittinghelp.com under free patterns sweaters and things and the pattern name is Melba Sue. I used Red Heart TLC Amore yarn in Chocolate Brown, my daughter picked the yarn out. It really came out nice however, I did not care for the slippery yarn. Hope this helps!