Looking for a specific pattern Bestway B2965 babys sleeping bag

Hello fellow knitters, I am new to this forum, thank you for letting me join. I have been knitting two baby sleeping bags for my newborn grandchildren (twins) using the pattern listed above. Unfortunately the back or second page has gone missing. Would anyone have a copy of this pattern by any chance that you would be willing to photocopy and send to me or even sell it?

I will try to include a picture of the front page if that helps

Thank you so much


Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Congratulations on the grandchildren. Twins, what fun for you.
I couldn’t find that pattern but there are similar ones on Ravelry that you might consider this one:

Here’s a search of Ravelry patterns.

Thank you so much for this. I had actually searched Ravelry and may incorporate some aspects of these. My problemi is that I have already knitted up 20 inches of the pattern before the second page went missing. But I will just adapt the top.
That was really kind of you to go to the trouble, I really appreciate it, thank you.

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