Looking for a spanish-speaker to answer someone's knitting q's

I’ve been getting emails in spanish from a knitter with questions. I’m looking for someone to forward the emails to. Is anyone interested in this? If so, email me or pm me with your email address, and I’ll forward the emails along to you.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to do a great deal of hand-holding with this person, just answer whatever is reasonable, and perhaps suggest a website with instructions in spanish.


Hi Amy,

I am not good at translating, but here is a blog of someone that has a bilingual blog. His name is Carlos and he is super nice. He has links to other blogs in spanish. I’m sure they might be able to help her.


Thanks Lestrella, I’ll pass that on.
Looks like I’ve found a translator, too.

Thanks! :muah:

She might also like this site http://www.tejemanejes.com/ which is run by someone who frequents this forum (I apologize for forgetting your username!)

I took 8 years of spanish, and though I use it infrequently, can possibly try to help with general questions. Also, my step father is a native spanish speaker and translates in the wisconsin court system, so I am sure I could get help there easy if you don’t find someone? Feel free to pm me for help:knitting:

I’m a native Spanish speaker, if you need any help.