Looking for a sock pattern

Hi all,

I know there are lots of sock patterns out there… but the thing is I haven’t come across any that tells me up front what size needles I need to buy to make them.

See the thing is I live in Barbados where the yarn selection is limited to 4-ply 100% acrylic yarns, so if I want to get yarns, I have to order them online. I go to elann.com and there are tons of sock patterns but I don’t know which needles I’ll need. The only option I can think of is ordering the pattern, waiting for it to come to see which needles I’ll need and then ordering the needles afterwards.

So if you know of any patterns that can tell me what I need up front so I can order everything the same time I will appreciate it.

Forgive me if this is a silly question to ask :oops:


No such thing as silly questions! The free sock patterns on this site lists the needle size to use, so that could be a good place for you to start. But how tightly or loosely you knit can change your gauge, and you might possibly need a different size depending on your knitting style. That may be why some patterns don’t specify.

Thank you! I didn’t even think to check there first! You’ve been a great help :smiley: