Looking for a similair pattern as

I’m looking for a similair pattern as discribed below. While browsing a book at my local book store there was a top down raglan that caught my attention. It started with the top of the turtleneck band. After you made it as long as you wanted you then started increases and then continued down the sweater. I had not seen any done this way before or since seeing that one. It looked great and I like the idea of not adding the neckband afterwards. I especially like the idea of doing it first. Have any of you seen this before and can you point me to a free online pattern? Or, do you have a pattern you can share with me via email. I really want to try this.

You can generate a custom pattern based on your measurements and gauge here:


For a turtleneck, just knit the ribbing for as many inches as you want it to be (probably 5 or 6?) then follow the instructions as written. :slight_smile:

Here’s another: Very Necesary Sweater