Looking for a real easy sweater pattern

I’m pretty new at knitting and not that good at understanding a pattern but I really want to make a sweater. I’m so tired of scarves and have learned to make mittens but that’s it. Does anyone have a real easy sweater pattern (plain - no cables or anything fancy) or can someone recommend one that they’ve knit? I bought a pattern at a yarn shop and she said it was easy (yeah, right!) but it has a crew neck that I’m not crazy about. I have an old sweater that I just love that is real plain and boxy with no fancy neck. Anything out there like that?

My first sweater was #9724 from Knitting Pure and Simple. It was a simple pullover and I’d only been knitting 3 mos. These patterns are well written and easy to understand.

If you just want a plain, simple cardigan 9725 or 994V might be just what you’re looking for. :thumbsup:

Im knitting this at the moment, its very easy, I’ve asked a couple of basic newbie questions here, I didnt know how to do kfb or pfb as increases but that seems to be about as complicated as it gets and they are simple increases. This is my first sweater, I’ve only done scarves to date, Im about 3/4 through my first sleeve, reading ahead in the pattern I can already see how its all going to come together. The real bonus is Im knitting most of it while watching the tele or listening to the radio, very relaxing. :slight_smile:

Have you thought about a simple top down raglan, there are a few books out there you could use (try your local library first) and a few (free) nice ones on the web.

top down raglan cardigan:

and here is a schematic link:


I hope you find a sweater pattern you like.


Good link, Jan! :thumbsup: