Looking for a pattern

I saw a knit dragon hat while on vacation and was told that it was online but not where. The only other thing that I was told about the pattern was that it was initially printed with a number of errors which created a lot of online chatter to correct them.

The head of the dragon sits on the child’s head and the tail sticks straight out behind the head. It was defintely a hat, not a hood.

I’ve looked at as many knitting sites as my mouse hand will tolerate since June, but I’ve yet to find the pattern. Does anyone have any information about such a pattern?


A dragon hat is mentioned in this discussion, re. pattern errors.
It would appear to be from this book. no pic of hat in question but might worth a further look??

Thanks Jints. I believe you found what I was looking for. I’m not absolutely certain because the photo in the pattern book (I found it at a local library) only shows it from the back. I only saw the hat from the front, but there is that tail sticking out the back. And then there are all the complaints on Amazon books and the corrections you were so kind to give me a link to.

In a few weeks I’ll see if I can make sense out of all the info. I’ll let you know how I do, but don’t expect me to be as fast as you were in getting back to me. Even when the directions are clear and simple, I’m a very slow knitter.

Thanks again.


Happy to help.
Best of luck. Yes, It does seem like it could be more challenging project. but worth the effort if successfully completed.