Looking for a pattern like this in the round

Found this picture on Pinterest of a Jersey i would love to knit but alas no pattern. Would anyone know where I could purchase a pattern like this online? Preferably in the round? I love howbthe bottons are at the side not on the middle. Doesn’t need to be the shell type pattern on the front panel but something a bit different would be nice. Nothing too tricky as I’m still new to knitting. Kids size 3 plus. Screenshot_20200328_183443

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I found this. I’m sure I’ve seen other patterns with the side buttons for littles but this is the only one I came up with. Trying different search terms on the left on Ravelry might produce others.

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Hope you find the pattern. I’d like to make this too.

It’s beautiful isn’t it! I finally found the pattern but unfortunately it is in Icelandic! There doesn’t seem to be an English version. I’m currently working my way through a Norwegian hat pattern using Google translate but I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try a whole Jersey as I’m new to knitting and pattern reading itself is like reading another language already!

Here is the link should you be brave enough :


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You are brave with the hat! That little sweater is adorable. I love the pattern with the wooden buttons down the side.