Looking for a papoose pattern

I’m looking everywhere but everyone i find (Lion brand has one) but they class knitting diagonally as beginner and im just not here yet!

Unless anyone can explain the pattern in simple words… are there any others?

this is the lion brand one

Papoose? It’s pretty much just a hooded baby blanket. Here’s another one that is the same thing, but written in an easy to understand way. The hood looks awfully small to me on the picture, but that is easy to adjust.
You aren’t really knitting diagonally…you are just increasing at the beginning of each row. It ends up looking diagonal, but you are doing nothing more than the knit stitch with some yarn overs for increases. :wink:

You [U][I]can[/I][/U] do this! :thumbsup:

thank-you for this link. i think i understood all of this but not the hood part.

After you’ve decreased back down to 4 stitches you increase again as you did on the blanket part. Just increase as large as you want the hood. When it’s big enough you cast off then sew the seams. It’ll make more sense when you are doing it.

I’ve started this tonight. actually looking forward to it. Hope I’ve got enough yarn!!! How wide would you make it? I want it to wrap around baby enough but really not sure on width…

Personally I’d make it about 30 inches. I never liked the tiny blankets and the larger ones are easier to wrap like you want so it’ll stay.