Looking for a maternity cardigan pattern


I am very new at knitting, but I already want to give a try at a sweater - for myself!! :smiley: I am almost 5 months pregnant and would love to try a hand at making a cardigan I can wear at work since it’s always freezing there! I’ve tried googling for a pattern, but no luck yet. So, anyone know where I may be able to find a pattern or is it difficult to figure out how to modify one??


I think this one is pretty. http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/PATTrosebud.html

Thanks for the link Brooke. I saw that one and really liked it, but was looking for a cardigan, something I could wear over a dress to take off/on easily.

I would like to try making that pattern too, just because it looks so purdy!! :heart:

Well if the front is open ,Does the size matter? Or is this a case of size does matter!? Could you just use a plus sized pattern? Now I’m wondering. I may need one soon too. ~Brooke

I was just starting to think that, maybe it doesn’t matter?? I just saw a picture (no pattern) of a cardigan that just had a tie at the top and 3/4 quarter sleeves, it was really pretty. Of course I can’t find the link right now :frowning: I am thinking that’s what I need to go for. I’ll keep searching!


HEY! What about a shrug…

That way, it could cover your shoulders & arms, and bellies wouldnt matter?

I just saw them make an EASY PEASY one on Knitty Gritty, it was just a rectangle sewn in strategic spots…

Hello again!

Thanks for the suggestion Kelly. I finally found the link with the picture of the cardigan I liked (strangely enough through someone’s blog then tracked it down and lo and behold it was the same one!!!

Here it is: http://www.knittingpureandsimple.com/cardi.html --> the green on in the bottom left corner. I think something like that should work well to keep a little warm and gives plenty of room for the bulging belly!!

So, I want to try and find a pattern similar to this one for free and if no luck then try to find a shop to order the pattern from. Anyone seen anything similar to this online? I am almost done with my first finished object (so, is that a FFO??), so I am getting ready for the next! :smiley:

OH! Ive seen similar sweaters on Berrocco! CUTE by the way!


(just ignore the buttons and add I-cord ties at top…this shape may be especailly nice if you are preggo!)


oh wow!! One of these patterns will work, I like them all! I think especially the first one, I may just try that one! Thank you thank you!!! :cheering:

takes a bow You’re welcome!

Brookie!!! Are you PG?! I can’t believe nobody else jumped on that! If so, Congratulations!

No I’m not …yet. I’ve been married for 6 months in May and just taking what ever comes our way. (oh i’m a poet and don’t even know it!!!) Thanks tho…~Brooke :smiley:

Good luck on that, Brooke! I’m sure you’ll get right to work. :wink:

I found this cardigan, it looks pretty easy:


I found a book! Knitting for Two by Erika Knight. It has REALLY cute preggers cardigans and some beautiful baby stuff.