Looking for a mans hat pattern

Hello all,

I am looking for a very basic mans hat pattern that looks like a newsboy cap. I have found a few on line patterns, but they are too feminine for the Man I want to make it for. And it has to be bigger than a womans, as he has a lot of hair and sometimes sports dreds.

Any suggestions?

It’d be helpful if you’d indicate which patterns you’ve discounted so we don’t end up suggesting the same ones.

Perhaps this one?

Or this one?



I’m sorry, I have spent literally hours looking for them on the net, I couldnt tell you the names of all of the ones I have discounted.

But here is a picture of my Brother In Law wearing the hat I would like to knit a new one to replace. I hope that helps. Again, I apologize for not knowing the names of the others.

I have found a few on line patterns

Okay. I thought by ‘a few’ you meant 3-4.

There’s a thread on KR discussing that ‘newsboy’ caps are referred to by other names so have you tried searching by other monikers?

Do you belong to Rav? There are some ideas there. Found these two. (First in 'Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation,’ the second in ‘Creative Knitting July 2007.’) If patt has section, you can add repeat to make it larger.


I have searched under a few different names and usually come up with the same ones. The one from SNB nation looks a little too feminine and unfortunately, I am too new to knitting to know how to alter the pattern to make it more basic. Maybe I could just knit it all the way around?