Looking for a knit ice cream cone pattern

Hey all - I want to knit a little ice cream cone to send to a lady for her daughter.

I know I saw a free pattern on line somewhere but can’t find it now

if you know of one would you please post a link!



one here, not free though, Polar bear is holding.:inlove:

Thank you! that first crochet link is great! Love the cone portion on the last one that is knit and the polar bear is holding but love the top portion on the crochet one!

thank you so much!

:thumbsup: Good idea for toy. I tried to do the Choc. Chip one previously but couldn’t get shape right. Might try other one now. Like the bakewell tarts there too. :drool:

almost done with mine - I used the first one but the shaping wasn’t exaclty right so I ended up sort of winging it! read the pattern to get the gist of it and then did my own thing :lol: