Looking for a great ribbed cuff

Hi all,

I’m designing (eek!) my first piece. It’s a chunky, cozy shrug with a big fat cable design across the back, going from cuff to cuff.

I’m looking for a rib pattern for the cuffs, maybe something with cabling, but definitely a yummy stitch pattern beyond a basic #x# rib.

Any suggestions?

I would highly recommend taking a look at Nicky Epstein’s “Knitting on the Edge.” There are a zillion different ribbing patterns in there. :smiley:

ooooohhhh!! I wonder if there’s a library nearby…

Thanks for the info!

There IS a library near here, and I made it there and back on my lunch break!!!

Thanks so much for the suggestion, there’s so much good stuff in there!


:cheering: Glad you found it! It’s such a great resource.