Looking for a good yarn

I want to do this hat, and it calls for a worsted weight yarn. 100% acrylic.

So I’m just looking for a good acrylic yarn thats not too boring, but that’s not like. fuzzy or anything…

Know of any?

What your looking for should be very easy to find. Red Heart which Walmart sells is nice. Just do a “google” search for some and you’ll find different brands that you can use. good luck!

For something a bit out of the ordinary, maybe you can try Red Heart yarn brand…they sell a “tweed” yarn that’s just an acrylic with a bit of textury look to it, and Caron sells their “Simply Soft” line in a tweed too. Otherwise, I’ve heard some very nice things about Caron’s regular “Simply Soft” brand that it knits up pretty nicely if you didn’t want to go with a tweed. I’ve used Lion Brand’s “Pound of Love” and it was nice and soft and knitted well, although this will probably be way more yarn than you need! Their “Microspun” has a nice finish to it and is very soft, but it split quite a bit for me when I was knitting it…it took a lot of patience from me. Just a few suggestions for you.

Microspun by LionBrand is soft and has fun colors. I’m not sure if they still make it but you can check their website.