Looking for a good first Fair Isle project -

I’d like to try a Fair Isle project - something relatively simple since it’s my first time trying it.

Any suggestions?

My first was the Tomato sweater from NSFY, but a lot of people liked the Center Square hat on knitty.

My first Fair Isle was the Alice sweater. It turned out GREAT!

My first attempt at fair isle was this video. You need IE.
I made the little bag first. Then I started putting fair isle bands on hats to practice and it looks cute. Once you get the hang of it it’s very simple.

Thanks for all of those - I love that hat from Knitty, I think I might try that first :D.

my first was the We Call Them Pirates hat from helloyarn.
it’s a lot easier to knit than it looks.


That’s cool - I saw that pattern when I went over there to look at the Irish Hiking Scarf. I hate those tiny needles tho :(.