Looking for a free pattern for knitted clog slipppers

If anyone has a pattern for knitted clog slippers, I would really appreciate the pattern.

Thank you.

Mamoosie :XX:

Here’s a place that has links to socks, slippers, and clogs. They have a lot of free links outside of the forum too.

Sock Knitters’ Forum

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the information I requested.

It really helps.

Mamoosie :thumbsup:

After I read this post & checked out that site I am TOTALLY going to make these Fiber Trends Clogs

Went to my LYS today & the owner JUST HAPPENED to have made a pair & had them on display…she was SOLD OUT of the pattern! They are SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO cute! AND, the way you knit them, it creates a double-layer sole, so they are CUSHY (especially when felted!) and COMFY looking.

She’s ordering the pattern for me…its only $5.

FINALLY! Ok, I’ll admit it, I have never know what that Knitters Geek Code is. :rollseyes: I felt too out of it to even ask. Now, finally, I clicked on yours Kelly and voila, I am in the know.

I was oh so jealous to be left out. :doh:

Now, I am going to figure one out for me. :happydance:

Anyhoo, those felted slipper clogs are fantastic, they are similar to the very expensive German felted clogs I’ve bought over the years (two pairs) that last so long. Can’t wait to make them in a neat color.


No one would leave you out, Vic!!! I saw Amy’s code first & didn’t even check to see what the link would do because I had just started knitting and figured it was something WAY TOO COMPLICATED for me to understand! :rofling: I WAS AFRAID OF THE CODE! :rofling:

I SO BADLY want to make those clogs! I have SO many projects on my list to complete before I can get at them…so, I get to turn colors over and over in my head until then…I saw pics of someone who had made LOVELY lavender ones.

ha ha afraid of the code. me too. Sounded like the kind of super-sophisticated knitting thing Amy would definitely know about!

btw, your picture is so cute! I love it.

I know what you mean about the projects… I have some yarn pulled out today & am dying to start something new (even though my sweater isn’t finished). Staring at colors & wondering what the next thing should be.

cheers, Vic

Thanks! But…which one? Ive posted so many here already…