Looking for a easy sock pattern

I’m looking for an easy sock pattern for my 2 year old, he is currently in about size 7 shoes.

I’ve never used circular needles before and would rather just use strait. Every pattern I look at has circular.

That’s because most people don’t want seams in their socks. There are a few two needle sock patterns though. If you’re on Ravelry take a look under “two needle socks.” I didn’t see any for children though. :think:

Unless you don’t like dpns, I have a great pattern I have used so many times it’s taped together. It is the Yankee Knitter Designs leaflet, Classic Socks for the Family: Fingering, Sport, and Worsted Wts. It has babies, two sizes for children, women, and mens with variations for plain, two colors,and three ribbed styles. A great basic pattern.

I too am interested in trying a pair of socks. I have never used DPNs but am willing to try. I do want the first pair to be of a simpler pattern so that I can make sure to get them done. Once school starts back up, I don’t have enough time to devote to a more complex design.

I do all my socks on dpn’s. I first learned to make socks at Silver’s Sock Class although it’s not a child’s sized sock…but at least you can see how to do all the parts of it. My first pair of socks were with worsted weight yarn, and I was so excited at figuring out how to make them!!! Good luck!

Have been knitting socks just this summer and found this one to be very easy to maneuver. Just saw that you want a children’s sock pattern. I downloaded a set of patterns from Knitting Daily, I think. Will try and find it for you.

I recommend Ann Budd’s book, Getting Started Knitting Socks. It’s shows you everything you need to know about knitting socks, includes patterns for socks from fingering weight yarn through worsted, gives very basic patterns for children through women and men’s socks, and then gives more elaborate stitches and patterns to use once your more experienced. It’s the only sock book/patterns I’ve used so far.
The book also tells you how to use 4 DPN’s or 5 DPN’s and 1 or 2 circular needles. Also has a really good lesson on the Kitchener stitch for the toe.
Good luck with those socks!

I don’t often post, so I’m unable to list links here. But in Ravelry there are two teaching sock patterns entitled the humble sock and the humble sock goes toe-up. These are in SML adult sizes though.

Lion Brand website has some easy free patterns


that are in childrens’ sizes.

MSPWRZ Would love to receive your easy sock pattern. How can I get it?

This is the first one I learned with and IMO they are one of the best because they have so many step by step pictures.

Here’s an easy sock pattern using two needles. I think this might be for an adult. You could probably get the yarn type, needle size, and number of cast on stitches from any child’s sock pattern. Adapt it for this method. Looks pretty straight forward.