Looking for a baby blanket pattern

Does anyone out there have a nice pattern for a baby blanket. I’m a new knitter (and soon to be new aunt!) and would love to make a blanket for my niece when she is born. I’m pretty new to knitting, so if you have anything fairly simple and pertty, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks everyone!

I love this pattern, it’s so simple but not your usual baby blanket:


Hey :waving: Welcome to KH!
You can find several baby blanket patterns here.

I made http://www.touchinglittlelives.org/ellenblanket1.html for a friend’s baby shower. It came out very nice and she really liked it.

The minute I read your post I right away thought of the blanket Julie posted. I am making that blanket right now and it is soooooooooo easy.

Thanks everyone for the help with finding the patterns. I can’t wait to start on a blanket!! xxx