Looking for 1 piece garter st baby sweater

Hi All, I could just kick myself. I knitted a baby sweater from a library book, and have forgotten which book it was. All I can remember is that it didn’t come from the local library, and that I had found it in their system wide catalogue that includes many other libraries. Unfortunately, the catalogue has about a hundred knitting books. Hopefully the pattern will sound familiar to someone. It’s a garter stitch baby sweater that’s knit all in one piece (you work up the back, then cast on the sleeves, it’s not a yoke type sweater). It’s done on big needles (10 or 11 I think) and with bulky yarn. It’s very similar to this pattern:
but instead of seed stitch, it’s garter stitch, and it has no ties, just one big button. It gives more size options than Fran’s sweater. I think the pattern book had all sizes of sweaters and such, and that it wasn’t just a baby pattern book. Does anyone have a clue? This is driving me crazy.
Thanks, Eva

I know I’ve seen a pattern like that online, I just can’t find it at the moment.

I’ve seen one on Ravelry that is knit from cuff to cuff in one piece, too.

If it’s in a book it’s going to be hard for anyone to find unfortunately. Here’s a few garter stitch sweaters though.


Maybe it was this one?

Woo Whooooo! I think that one on the blog might be it. I’ll hop over to the library site and see if I can’t get my grubby paws on it.