Look who's checking my knitting!

Hope this works…a picture of Cat Bordhi at the mobius basket class I took last weekend…here she is checking my knitting.

I was so busy knitting and chatting that this is the only picture I took.


Oooooh! I’m so envious of you! I know you were faint with excitement.

Soooooo jealous :drooling:

I don’t get out much. Who is Cat Bordhi? :oops:

lurk I’m curious myself …


I didn’t know either, so I had to Google her.


That WOULD be exciting! :thumbsup:

I just finished a sock today, using her book. How exciting that you got to meet her! :happydance:

Not only did I get to meet her, I ate lunch with her too! She also gave a demo w/my set of Denise needles which really made my day…and then when she asked me how long I had been knitting and I told her just ten months, she told me I was a natural born knitter!!! :happydance:


why did I think she had DARK hair??

I saw a picture of her with brown hair too. I’m not too sure she was not wearing a wig, but I wasn’t going to pull her hair to find out!!! :shock:


Now, that’s just too :sunglasses: cool :sunglasses:

How cool!! I’ve been wanting to try her Two Socks on Two Circs book, but the library doesn’t have it yet. I love her baskets!!

Isn’t it funny how you get an image in your head as to what you think someone looks like. Then when you meet or see a picture of them and they don’t look like that it sort of shocks you? How fun for you.