Look What my DH gave ME!

My husband was gone or 4 days on a bike trip. He rode by a yarn store near Florence, OR…I don’t know the name of it… and went inside and bought me some yarn! :happydance:

He told the sales person that I knit and like purple. She asked what I knitted and when she mentioned socks, he said yeah, I knitted socks. She told him I would like this yarn. She was correct. So now I have [I]more[/I] sock yarn! (I think I have 9 or 10 skeins now and I don’t [I]always[/I] knit socks.)

Anyway he bought me Kraemer Sterling Silk and Silver. I have admired this yarn many times but only have seen it in a solid. This is striped or variegated. It is called Victorian Dusk. I could only find the solid colors of this yarn or the white at various stores on line so I think the multicolor must be new.

It’s very beautiful, I’m considering making something very special out of it it since it has the silver in it, perhaps something that is not socks. It may be a while till I decide.

You can’t see the silver sparkles in the photo, but they are definitely there.

I’m salivating! :mmm: :drool: :mmm: :drool: :mmm:

Oooo pretty! Maybe a lacy little wrap would be nice with it.

Yummy! Just can’t wait to see what your beautiful yarn will become! And I am envious…such a prize for a husband!!! Mine would just totally block out the store…course that could be due to the massive stash cluttering the storage area…:roll:

That is some beautiful yarn.

That is some beautiful yarn! I did have to laugh at the visual of your hubbie wandering into a yarn store, finding a sales person and simply saying “My wife knits and likes purple” :roflhard: not that I know what he looks like, but it was comical none the less - I just put my DBF in my mind’s picture instead. At least he got you some great yarn. What a keeper :thumbsup:

I did have to laugh at the visual of your hubbie wandering into a yarn store, finding a sales person and simply saying “My wife knits and likes purple”

I think my husband talked to the clerk right off so as to get some sort of suggestion. She asked him about me to hone in something I might like; smart sales person. But I’m struggling with my mental image if him in his bike clothes which consist of a helmet with one of those rear view mirrors attached, a nylon type bike shirt in a bright color and black spandex bike shorts and then the bike shoes that lock in to the pedals and cause him to walk oddly when walking in them. And he may have been sweaty, but he says it was early in the day and he was not. Perhaps the clerk helped him in a speedy manner to get him out of their sooner…

Ooo, that is so pretty!

Yeah :cheering: for a husband like that…willing to make the effort to get something you will like. My husband went online last Christmas and got me some pretty stitch markers and a couple other accessories. Most of which I can use, but most of all it’s the thought and effort that counts.

We have a home in Florence…I wonder what shop it was.

That is so nice-- the yarn and the hubby!:cheering: Congratulations on both!

That is some lovely yarn, and a thoughtful husband too. Score! :slight_smile:

How beautiful!! Can’t wait to see what it will become!! Wow, what a thoughtful husband! Definitely a keeper. :slight_smile:

What a great hubby and beautiful yarn! :inlove:

The yarn is very beautiful and your husband is definitely a keeper!!! Think of all the future gifts???

I enjoyed reading this happy post of a thoughtful husband and an appreciative wife. Happy endings - gotta love 'em!

I don’t always knit socks with sock yarn. You can use large needles and do a scarf with it. I’m on a scarf kick these days, can’t stop making the yarn harlot scarf. Would like a shawl though, so I may have to break my addiction.

Good luck with your lovely prize, and please let us see what you do with it. It looks so soft.

I knew real men went into yarn shops! I can’t wait to show this thread to my husband – he’s a dear man and we share many like interests, but he has always waited (patiently!) in the car when I went into yarn shops. I think that’s his only flaw, though (Just kidding on that one! LOL)

That is some lovely yarn and such a sweet gesture!

Cudos to your hubby.

What a nice husband! (and the yarn’s pretty too) I think mine would rather have his eyes poked out w/ knitting needles before he’d ever go into a yarn shop. (although he did once go by himself and buy some needles to replace a pair of mine that he bent.)