Look What Came in the Mail Today!

I’m so excited! With the end of school fast approaching, I’m getting ready to start knitting in earnest again. So, to ensure that I’m all set, I placed an order…

But when I received the books, I realized that I did not have the right needles, so I had to place another order…

Can you tell I’m on a mission to learn new ways to knit socks? I’ve got the dpn thing down, but I want to try to minimize ladders, and the idea of completing two at a time intrigues and excites me.

I didn’t buy sock yarn because I have a skein or two that I want to use first.

I have exams this week, but you better believe that one of these books, and a set of needles will be in my bag, in the car, for the rest of my afternoon (i.e. car loop at school).


Ooooohhhhh, lucky you!

I always get excited now when the mail comes…cause half the time I am waiting for yarn…sigh…darn addiction…

I got a box yesterday with Blue Sky Alpaca Silk in it…yummy…and am waiting for three more boxes in coming days…yippee!!! :inlove:

:yay: OHH AHHH Looks like fun for you!!!


oh so exciting!! I got good mail today too…the Angel Wings charity blanket!! Hooray for us!!


I have both those books. I haven’t been able to use the 2 at a time one yet 'cause I haven’t gotten the right needle size yet…darn being a budget!
Good luck on exams and happy knitting!

Yeah…I’m on a budget too. I should have waited to get the needles, but I know that KP orders take a while to get here, so I wanted to have them ready. My bank account was a bit angry with me…oh well…:teehee:

The 2 at a time socks looks interesting. I just found a book at the library called Knitting Vintage Socks, New Twists on Classic Patterns. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

cool Auburn :slight_smile: I have yet to try 2 socks at once or socks on 2 circulars. I do however knit socks magic loop.

I really want to learn ML. I tried Silver’s ML tutorial, but I got so frustrated. The concept was beyond me, and my yarn kept getting tangled.

I’m hoping to master it this time around.

Enjoy!!! :knitting:


I love ML for socks!!! Never could get the DPN thing down pat. Good luck on exams, or grades, I guess it is now.

Nawww…exams are this week. One on Wednesday (just a general knowledge test…no pass/fail…just required by the university), one on Thursday, and one on Friday. I sure wish they were over, though.

Ooh! Lucky you! Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles is FAH-BOO! I have it and LOVE IT! I really want the Two-at-a-Time Sock Book, though. Have fun sock knitting!

What a beautiful haul. You nudged me into ordering more yarn. I just placed an order with Elann for 20 skeins of Elann Esprit in closeout colors. It’s time to start knitting cotton socks for summer.

Glad I could inspire a fellow knitter! :clink:

That you did. I’m tempted to go back for more, but then I wouldn’t be able to jump on any more good deals you guys find and post about.


Ain’t it wonderful to get stuff in the mail!??? I love stalking the mailman, the UPS man, the DHL man, the FEDEX guy! :happydance:

Yay for you :slight_smile:
I’d love to learn how to do two socks at the same time on dpn’s let alone on circular needles. That would make life a little more easier for me. Ah, what am I saying… I’ve still got 5 other projects that I need to finish before I start anything else.

Hope you have loads of fun with your new bounty =) Good luck on those exams too!