Look at this yarn on eBay! - UPDATE - received it today!

:inlove: VERY nice!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :inlove:

Very pretty! And how cute is your snowman bed?? :smiley:

I got a swatch knitted up tonight…I think it was the first swatch I’ve ever knitted! :shock: :oops:

Okay, here’s my review. It is a fairly soft yarn, it feels very similar to WOTA. I think the yarn could have been spun a little tighter, but overall it is pretty easy to knit with. On a scale of 10, I’d give this yarn an 8. I would probably buy this yarn again. :thumbsup:
I knitted the swatch on size 5 needles, and came out with a gauge of 5 sts/1" (if I measured it correctly). Here’s what it looks like. I think I will try felting this swatch and see how it turns out…

Gosh! That looks great! So glad to hear it’s not really fingering. I don’t think you’d want that swatch knit any more tightly!

Thanks for posting your results. They’re really informative.


I want to make the Sophie purse with this yarn. It calls for cascade 220 (worsted) on size 10 1/2 needles. Would doubling this yarn work, or should it be tripled??

Since the normal C220 gauge is 4.5s - #8 / 5s - #7, I think I’d be tempted to follow the directions for Sophie as is and just substitute this yarn directly. But knowing me, I’d be anal and felt a test swatch just to be sure.

I may just experiment with different needle sizes and double the ebay yarn and see what happens…I really hate making swatches, but since I’m not positive on what to do, I guess I had better. :rollseyes: :rofling:

Have you felted before? If you don’t leave enough space between the sts, they don’t have room to shrink. That’s why I’d be cautious about doubling it. But then again you did get that gauge (5 sts/in) using smaller needles than C220 calls for, so who knows.

Yes, I’ve felted before. I just didn’t know if I used size 10 1/2 needles if the sts would be too loose for just one strand…

Well, the fuzzy feet I’ve done were knit using a single strand on US 10.5’s. I’ve used Elann’s Peruvian Coll. Highland (worsted wt) and C220 and I think they turned out fine. Hard to say with your new yarn since you got 5 sts on US 5s as opposed to US 7.

I think the marled colorway will look great felted. Now you have me really wanting this yarn, but I’m on a strict yarn diet (and I’m doing pretty good!). I just have to tell myself that it’ll be there when I’m ready to buy yarn again.

:inlove: Those colors look even more gorgeous when knitted!!!

Sophie is VERY easy to translate into more sts for a smaller gauge…the decreases happen at the corners no matter how many you CO, so if you wanted to swatch that yarn single, on say, 9’s, I bet you’d be safe.

Very pretty! I couldn’t tell from your picture witht the labels…what brand is the yarn?

I bought it on Ebay :roflhard: