Look at this yarn on eBay! - UPDATE - received it today!

I just bought some of this yarn today on ebay - 100% wool, 1100 yards for $27 + shipping! :happydance: It comes in gorgeous colors! Check it out here Be sure to check out their store for lots of other colors! :thumbsup:

That’s really cool! I just got some ribbon yarn off of eBay for really cheap. I want to knit the Waterlily top from the most recent Interweave Knits magazine but I didn’t want to spend $27/skein for Colinette. So I got this yarn
Instead. über cheap. I’m impressed.

Very pretty! I like the color! :thumbsup:

That is very pretty!

:inlove: :inlove:


i love how one of the pictures says “sample of knitted/crocheted fabric”… like they look the same or something :lol:

Very pretty!

I’ve been eyeing this seller for quite a while, but haven’t yet committed to buy. She has some good looking yarn. Can you do a mini-yarn review when you get it and/or knit a swatch? I’d love to know how it really feels and looks!

Oooh yeah, tell us how it is! I looks lovely!! :inlove:

Bring Napoleon back!

i got soem fo this yarn recently and although it didnt specify fingering vs worsted weight, it is fingering weight. as im not familiar with fingering weight, i dont know if its often that the yarn sort of “falls apart” like the ply is very loose, not twisted up much. it IS soft, though.

Danielle, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! :inlove:






Oooh yeah, tell us how it is! I looks lovely!! :inlove:[/quote]

I’ll be sure to let you know how it is when I receive it…I’m not big into doing swatches, but just might try it with this yarn to see how the colors knit up. :thumbsup:

<--------------Here ya go! :wink:

The auction I won stated worsted weight. I hope that’s what it is. If it turns out to be fingering, it will be okay I guess…It would make a beautiful pair of socks! :thumbsup:
I hate to hear that your yarn falls apart :frowning: Have you tried knitting with it yet?

<--------------Here ya go! ;)[/quote]

:roflhard: I do admit, it wasn’t the same without him!!

My yarn arrived today! It is beautiful! The auction stated worsted weight, but the gauge on the label looks like fingering weight to me - 7 - 8 stitches = 1" on size 1 - 3 needles. :frowning: I was hoping to make a felted purse with it, but I guess I can double (maybe even triple?) the yarn and still make a purse. I’m going to knit up a swatch tonight, and I’ll post a pic of it later. Here’s some pics for now:

Wow! That is some beautiful yarn!

BEAUTIFUL colors!!! :inlove:

Yay! :cheering: I love the marled look! Funny it doesn’t look like fingering yarn. I can’t wait to hear your review of it!