Look at all of our Presidents

This is great…


That was cool! Thanks for sharing!!

That’s good. Thanks for sharing.

That was truly awesome!

That is really neat!! I’m embarrassed to admit that there were a few in there I had never heard of at all… like Chester Arthur. Where’d he come from? :shifty: Never once in my life have I heard of him. Yikes, what a shame I don’t know the names of all of our presidents. Makes me feel like a dunce.

I just put that into my bookmarks. I think my grandkids should know there Presidents. Thanks for sharing.

That’s so cool! Did anyone notice they didn’t really smile till Jimmy Carter? Interesting.

:yay: Very cool, I’m going to show that to my son when he gets back from the movies.

That was very interesting. The last 12 have happened in my life time.

That was great! I’m embarrassed too that I didn’t recognize some of them and on others my timing was way off. I need a us history class!!

I noticed that too. I wonder if it’s because when they were having portraits painted and in early photographs it took a long time to paint/process and it’s easier to hold a “blank” expression than a smile.

That was a very cool video. Go OBAMA! :woohoo:

Sorry. I’m justa little excited.:happydance:

That’s really cool. Go Obama! :woohoo:

Sorry, I’m just a little excited. :happydance:

That was cool. While I recognized the names, I kept thinking that memorizing the presidents should be like memorizing the ABCs or the states and capitols.