Longish tank top?

[color=blue]Good Moring! Happy rainy Wednesday! I am looking for a pattern for a simple (newbie here) :smiley: tank top. I bought a really pretty, long skirt that is black with a white print… and want a somewhat longish tank to wear over it. Having a problem finding a pattern. Would love some suggestions! :cheering: Thanks! :sunny:[/color]

Check here:

[color=blue]Thanks Kelly! I hope you are feeling better! :balloons: That site is great… have you tried this one: http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/choochoo-cable_shell.html I have yet to try cables but want to. :oo: Amy’s video is great…giving me courage lol. [/color]


[color=blue]:cheering: Kelly you are the best cheering person! lol. I think I will! Thanks for making me giggle. :smiley: anne :sunny: [/color]

Stony, did you decide on a pattern yet?

The cable sweater pattern is VERY straightforward… no wierd C4Bs or anything. It tells you exactly whatto do! If you were wary because of the cables, i say fuhgetaboudit!!! You can do it!!! (KK cheers better than me, but she has experience!)

Yeah yeah yeah…here’s the proof…go ahead & laugh if you MUST.

:sunny: [color=blue]Hildi! You are a wonderful cheerleader!!! :cheering: I am thinking this tank http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns/choochoo-cable_shell.html. Was this the one you were referring to? I am really itching to try cables now… I have a quilted wall hanging that I am making for DH… he keeps looking at me with puppy dog eyes… so I will try to finish it this afternoon if I get out of work early. Then on to CABLES!! and then there is the bag my daughter wants… and dishcloths for mom… not enough time! lol. Have a sparklin day![/color] :sunny:

Yeah yeah yeah…here’s the proof…go ahead & laugh if you MUST.[/quote]

[color=blue]The proof is in the pyramid! (I know, bad… sorry :blush: ) but your vast experience does show! You effervescence is appreciated! :balloons: Thanks! anne[/color]

Oh YAY! I have effervescence! THANKS, Stony! :cheering:

:roflhard: somehow when i read “effervescence” my brain said “flatulence” :roflhard:
It’s cheddy’s fault. (he’s my flatulent cat)
And YES i meant the choochoo tank, I really like it. I might try it. If i get past the 5 rows I have on my FCEK tank. :rolleseyes:

[color=blue]Oh No! :shock: I meant bubbly! In the happiest bubble sortta way! :balloons: lol. Keeeelllly! please tell me you knew it was the happy bubbles! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! :sunny: [/color]

I dont think I would have been quite THAT happy over FLATULENCE! :?