Long Tail

What is the purpose of the long tail when casting on stitches?
I see it mentioned and never mentioned afterward. Is there a use for it other than to weave it into the finished work?
I am new to knitting.

'The “long tail” in “long tail cast-on” is the long piece of yarn that hangs down below the slipknot or other starting loop. Most of it gets used in the formation of the cast-on row.

I must be doing it wrong. I am following the Contents cast on video.
I haven’t knitted for over 50 years and I have forgotten much and a lot has changed.

Long tail is a cast on to start your knitting project. I use it 99% out the time. Are you using the video here in Knitting Help under cast on?

I have the new app.
I was leaving a long tail and then following the Contenental cast on method which was the wrong way to do it.
I found the right video this morning and it works fine and also answered my question.
I am making a scarf for my Son using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, 5.0mm needles and all knit stitches. The row is 20 stitches long.
I am not using a pattern and this will be my first scarf in over 50 years.
I used to knit them when I was younger and my Son wanted me to knit him one so he can look macho. He is 11 and we are living here in the Philippines where it never gets cold.
Thanks for the information

Raybrite, you’ve given me my morning chuckle.

I now have visions of young men in the PHilippines, running around in thick wool scarves, saying, LOOK AT ME, I CAN HANDLE THE HEAT.

Its a WAY better fashion statement than all the young guys here wearing their pants hanging half-way off their hindquarters.

We are trying to raise him right.
Glad I could brighten your day

well now. One thing has led to another. I figured the scarf thing HAD to come from some source.

I have learned about the Igorot people who live in the mountains.

I’m in love with their head dresses.

I’ve lived in the Philippines (near Olongapo) I can certainly vouch for the fact that it’s very hot unless you’re up in the mountains. Young people did wear satin jackets in the dry season as a fashion statement however.

looking nice with long tail!!!