Long tail (thumb) Cast on

Okay everyone… I’ve always been doing the thumb (long tail) cast on… as it was what I first learned, it’s what everone I know does and it’s really easy…

but let’s say that the pattern says:

CO: 38 stiches
ROW1: Perl Across

Now from whta I understand the CO row is considered a ROW already knit right?

Or am I just over thinking this?

Yes, the first row of that cast on is knit. This will be a great time to learn a NEW cast on :smiley: The single cast on is pretty easy!

Yep. When you use the long tail cast on you are also simultaneously creating your first knit row. So say if you were going to be working stockinette you’d start with a purl row next. Being you already created your 1st knit row.

Hope this helps :smiley:


yeah i think what the next row is would be important in knowing what you need to do next. if the next row is a knit row then there is no reason why you can’t do the long tail cast on, that i can think of cuz you would be doing regular stockinette stitch.

Yes, that’s true, but you can also think of it as only a cast on row, and continue your pattern as normal. I do this quite often, because it’s my favorite cast on method. It creates a really nice, neat edge. :slight_smile:

If you want to try a different method, try knitting on, or the backward loop cast on. :thumbsup:

So okay… let’s say I get a pattern that has a PURL as the first row…

well the LT cast on makes a knit row first right… is there a purl version of it… I’m also looking at Contental and Other methods … :slight_smile:

I started english but after watching the ladies in the group knit with cont, I really wanna try that…

And hopefully will be picking up the Denise Interchangable Needle set today…

(The thing pictured here)

yeah I’ve done that… :rollseyes: didn’t like it nearly as much as the long cast on… that was so much easier to do…

Huh! Good to know!

I just approach my knitting with a very EZ* attitude.

Don’t stress over anything.
Don’t be afraid to improvise.
Do what feels/looks best.
Love what you knit.

*EZ = easy AND Elizabeth Zimmermann

I like the look of the Long Tail cast on, so I just do that and continue my pattern as usual. I haven’t had a problem with it.

Okay well that makes me feel alot better… :slight_smile:

For the last two things I did… I just disregarded the caston… but then I got to thinking… that’s actually a row…