Long tail cast on woes

Hi, really new to knitting. I finished my first project with no problem (at least no serious one). However, starting again, using the same cast on method I am left with this large gap at the end of my first knit row. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong, Because it feels off and leaves me with a large hole as I turn.


What type of cast on did u use?? Looks like u used the backward loop cast on. The long tail doesn’t leave a big loop like this.

Try again with the long tail and see how it goes. If u ARE using the long tail and this still happens, then it could be that u need to tighten up the slack between stitches.


All I can think is that somehow you left a big gap between the slip knot and the first cast on stitch probably because of getting used to holding the yarn for casting on. You can skip the slip knot if you want. I like it better without the knot. If you’re interested there are videos to show how it’s done.

For more long tail cast on info than you’re wanting today (I’d bet on that!) check out this video. You need to be careful to not put stitches too close together. If you learn early on to avoid a too-tight cast on you’ll be glad.
How to Improve Your Long-Tail Cast On

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I’m not sure how you did that… but you can do a long tail without a knot. That way there is no way you can have issues with the slip knot.

I don’t have enough of a picture to make sense of it. No tails, no working end, no knit stitch on the lone wonky end.

I’ve seen cast on stitches like that with long tail where the looseness under the cast ons gets tugged into one spot. Usually at the join for circular. But that has a tail nearby.
You can do that if you’re pulling stitches off instead of pushing them because you tighten the looseness of the long tail wraps under the loops into one spot. But that has a working end.