Long tail cast on with intermittant ribbing decreases

oh crap!

so I started a new project (A SWEATER - I’m actually doing a sweater!)- I usually do the long tail method of casting on, which has never caused me trouble before because umm I usually do easy things like hats. So I start this project (3x3 ribbing then some stockingknit and ribbing again with decreases) and I’m up about 5 inches when I realise because of ribbing that’s starting again that if I follow the pattern, I’m backwards. So I try doing it in my head, and I’m going along ok but then I get to another part where the ribbing is off and I get frustrated and rip it all out.

SO my question is - should I have purled the second row (the first being the cast on knit row) and THEN started to do my ribbing? I’m thinking yes, but…

Unless a pattern says specifically (and I’ve never had one that did) to count the cast on as a row, then don’t. I don’t know why your ribbing is off, but I would be astounded to find that it was your cast on.

When I make a sweater, I cast on. Then I start row one as if the cast on doesn’t exist as part of the pattern.

well, because with that long-tail, the cast on row is the ‘right’ side. That’s how I got screwed up because when I had to stop the ribbing they said end with a wrong side row, so I used the cast on as the first right side row, so I ended up backwards. Does that make sense?

the ribbing was 3x3 but at the ends it ended up being 2x3 …

[size=2]trying hard not to confuse myself here[/size]

When I cast on, I always consider the next row the ‘right’ side. I guess I’m confused, still—Could your decreases have made you end up with 3x2?

Maybe I’m just too tired to get what you’re saying. . . often things stew for a while and I get an Aha moment. Good thing I can’t call you at 3 a.m.! :zzz:

:slight_smile: :lol: “ring ring” “oh hello Ingrid!”

that’s it right there Ingrid! Because of the beauty of the cast on (it’s very ‘pretty’ and gives a nice right side row from the get-go) I wanted to avoid using the first knitted row as the ‘right’ row!

long tail cast on is considered the #1 knit row, if doing St st, you need only purl the next row bc long tail ends up being a regular knit row :smiley:

:wink: thanks rebecca - I guess my question is that with all other patterns other than stockingknit, I should also do a purl row as the second row?

There was a big long thread about this not too long ago. Even Amy chimed in on it because opinions were so one side or the other. I never count it and nuthin’ can make me do it–ya hear! I’ll go down not counting it! :lol:



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