Long Row Mishap - Advice Please

I’m doing an afghan 220 sts wide, so it is not always possible to finish a row before being interrupted. Last night I was interrupted, and MUST have picked up and gone the wrong way - the pattern is a basket weave, i.e., ten rows of knit stitch beside 10 rows of purl. So now I have 5 rows for 14 squares and 7 rows for 6 squares. As the yarn is at the end of the 5 row squares, can’t I just pick up there and knit over to the 7 row squares and back again, and continue on, without ripping out? Over to the 7 stitch square, back again, and all is well? I can’t even tell where I got turned around, although I know where the increase began. What could this hurt? :shrug:

Thanks in advance for any help,


Here is the only problem with your plan: if it doesn’t work, or look right, it will have been alot of work, only to end up ripping back again. It isn’t that I don’t think your plan will work, except you’d have to seam where the row meets in the middle. :shrug: