Long island!

Long Island. :cheering:


Long. Island.

it’s part of New York State.

any of you from LI? I’m in Suffolk.

Hi, I’m not from Long Island, but I know where it is and I actually go there occasionally. :teehee: I’m in Westchester County.

:waving: I’m in Queens, which is part of Long Island, just not in the “Long Island Long Island” sense. I don’t go to Suffolk county much, but might be in a year and a half if I make it into Stony Brook’s PA program. Which part of Suffolk are you in?

16 years old and knitting AND crocheting? That’s great! I wish I’d gotten started that early - when I was 16, there were probably no crafty websites yet.

Hey Cindy H… where in queens are ya? Bayside here…

:waving: Hi Roxtarchic! Sorry, I haven’t been in this part of the forum in a while…

I’m from Bayside too! Well, it’s really the border of Bayside (Bell Blvd and Union Tpke), but I have the 11364 zip code. :smiley: But that is very cool - it’s a small world. I’m currently living in Elmhurst, but will be moving back to my parents’ house in Bayside at the end of March. I’m actually looking forward to it - besides saving $$, my apartment building is just way too noisy! Getting in and out of Manhattan will be more annoying, but at least I get to sleep on the LIRR! Which part of Bayside are you in?

Not on Long Island anymore, but my family lived in Port Washington from 1976 to 2000, and I just have to say… Bayside is on the Port Washington line! :wink: :waving:

(Parents grew up in Queens - mother in Floral Park, father in Sunnyside and Flushing - and met at Queens College, too…)

Yes it is~ :teehee: I will know that Port Washington line too well in the new year.

That’s awesome - you’ve got roots all over Queens!

there is a LIC (long Island city) SnB that meets every Tuesday evening (6pm to 9pm or so) at Communitea, (a tea/cafe) on 47th Avenue and Vernon Blvd.

take #7 train to Vernon Jackson stop, walk about 4 block north on Vernon to Community.

Its not to far from G or R trains either.

the group has a Yahoo page (LICKnit2) too.

anyone from queens is welcome to join (some member come from rego park, others from middle villiage.)

Fellow Long Islander, and Suffolk County resident. I started knitting a little over a year ago. So far I have completed a beginner’s purse project, a hooded baby blanket, Irish hiking scarf, a two color scarf and earwarmer set, a stocking hat for my hubby and a few toys for my cats and a froggy baby blanet. Currently working on a lacy afghan for another baby due in July, that gives me plenty of time . . .

Well, more honestly I attempt to knit, but I’ve been crocheting for about 15 years now. I just moved here a couple weeks ago, don’t know anyone here that wasn’t in the moving truck when we left Detroit, my husband and our little iguana, Princess Bob. I’m 26, unemployed until I can get my car from Michigan and drive around and find a job, and obsessed with thrift shopping. So far, I love it here in Long Island, it’s a beautiful place, and people have told me this is the worst time of year to be here. Have fun,

Allison, just a tip… you’re “on” Long Island, not “in” it… :teehee:

thanks suuuueee, I’m learning. Thus far, I’ve found there’s no ‘pop’, just soda, and that I drive on an expressway, as there’s no such thing as a freeway here. Amused my hubby’s boss with midwest slang, but I’m really trying not to come across as a fool, so I really appreciate it.

Hi everyone,

I’m from Long Island, the Garden City area…Saw that I have several fellow Long Islanders/Queens/Suffolk knitters! :cheering:

I’ve been knitting, crocheting & sewing for over 30 years…
I decided to start a business…doing such… just having so much fun with it! This site is just terrific. Love the fact we all speak the same language :teehee:

I’m a newcomer here…just trying to read through all the wonderful threads! Hope to talk to you soon.
Have a Happy Knitting Day!
Knitters Rock!

fellow long islanders, i’m from the hamptons, just started knitting last year and have made few small baby sweaters that my new grandson wears, now working on a larger scale, one for myself! still have to look up different stitches, love this site!

Hi contom, nice to meet you… :cheering: Wow! you are really knitting up a storm out there in the Hamptons…I enjoy knitting baby items too. Although I’m not a Grandma yet, I have had orders for baby sweater sets. It must be such an awesome feeling to knit for your the little ones. :heart:
What yarn do you typically use for the baby items? What are you using for your sweater? Do you subscribe to any knitting magazines? Is there a yarn store new you? Hoping to hear from you soon.
knit4u, from GC

:happydance: Hi knit4u, I am not good enough for orders on sweaters. I have only completed 4. I usually use the yarn suggested in the patterns I get. Nothing special, we do have a terrific knitting store in East Hampton, but it is so expensive as it only carries the best yarns. The yarn alone cost me $60. for one small sweater. It came out beautiful, but so do the lion brand yarn sweaters. The closest Michaels is almost an hour away. My sweater is from the lion brand website, I purchased the pattern and the yarn together. It’s a basketweave pullover. I knit, I take out, I re-do, still very unsure of myself. But, determined!
I am a granny of 6 months, it is the most amazing feeling, undiscribable. And, to see Zachary wearing something I’ve made, well, that’s wonderful! What type of sweaters do you make? Connie

Hi contom (Connie,
Thank you replying to my post. I love talking to fellow knitters. It sounds like you are so determined to learn all you can about knitting. Do you crochet as well? I know what you mean regarding the cost of yarns…Fortunately, because I have a home-based specialty sewing & knitting business I am able to purchase most of the yarns I use through a distributor at a wholesale price. (I love using Italian imports). I also use Lion Brand yarns…in particular Wool Ease, Pound of Love, Fun Fur, Incredable, Jiffy…Have you used Pound of Love? I have an terrific pattern for a child’s sweater that takes just about 1 hank of that yarn. I love this pattern because it is made w a double strand of yarn through out the sweater & you start the sweater from the top. It has a seed stitch stripe worked into it. I have a website with some of the items I offer & that sweater is shown (www.veronica-sews.com is the site if you want to check it out). Have you ever ordered yarns online? Many knitters purchase their yarns from Knitpicks…
Does your little one live near you?
Hope you have a wonderful day.
veronica (Ronnie)

hi friends

I live in nassau county,LI.

I recently started knitting, i have made scarf, hat, and just started with sweater.

I just want to learn how to make gloves and socks.

Can somebody help me


Hi san,
Nice to meet you…it is always great to meet fellow knitters from Long Island… :cheering:
That’s terrific about starting to knit sweaters! How long have you been knitting? Are you taking formal lessons? What brand of yarn do you use? I have made gloves & double pointed needles can be alittle awkward, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it! I have not made socks…one of the items on my list of things to do. Let us know how your knitting is coming along…
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi knit4u

its very nice to meet u too. I just started knitting 3 months back and i am working with people in community center to donate all these knit stuff to orphans and others.

So that way i started doing scarf, hat and now started doing sweater.I have also done a quilt and pot holder with pieces of cloth.

I have not gained experience in judging the yarn and the lady who teaches me she just give me the yarn and i will do, i appreciate if u just give me hints in selecing yarn and other details of yarn.

Tell me abt urself, its great that u have been knitting for 30 yrs!!! wat are u doing now?? Hope we will knit socks together.